Let’s Make A Bombers Deal

Let’s Make A Bombers Deal

Date: Wednesday, June 28th

Because you can’t have too much throwback! You remember the show. We’ll be playing Quickie Deals & more all game long. Who knows…Monty Hall or Carol Merrill may even show up.

A League of Their Own Night with Peaches vs. Belles Game

Date: Saturday, June 17th

It’s the 25th Anniversary of the release of A League of Their Own. We will be celebrating all evening. We’ll start early in order to enjoy festivities in the stadium prior to our Peaches vs Belles game. You read it right…it’s a rematch of the championship game in the movie! Much more is planned throughout the evening and during the Bombers game. Don’t miss it!

Sponsors:  Destination Huntingburg  and  Jagoe Homes

Rock-Paper-Scissors Night

Date: Tuesday, June 6th

You know the game. We’ll be playing all night long. Have a score to settle?…Rock-Paper-Scissors. Who’s going to the concession stand?….Rock-Paper-Scissors. Strike or Ball?….Rock-Paper-Scissors. Bombers personnel & Peaches will get in on the action too…who knows who may be challenged and why. Join us to find out.