A League of Their Own Night with Peaches vs. Belles Game

A League of Their Own Night with Peaches vs. Belles Game

Date: Saturday, June 17th

It’s the 25th Anniversary of the release of A League of Their Own. We will be starting early & celebrating all evening!

Special Guests Joining Us:

Bitty Schram (Evelyn Gardner):  Evelyn Gardner (Bitty) was the infamous cryer and target of Jimmy Dugan’s (Tom Hanks’) rant that “There’s No Crying In Baseball” – the infamous scene from the movie, A League Of Their Own that was filmed at League Stadium.

Justin Scheller (Stilwell Gardner) – Stilwell (Justin) was Evelyn’s (Bitty’s) son in the movie.  He is remembered for taunting and annoying the Peaches and the “You’re gonna lose” phrase.

Ryan Olsen (Dollbody Kid) – Ryan was the kid in the car who propositioned Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) with “Whaddya say we slip in the backseat and you make a man outta me”.

4:30 – 5:15:  Kids Activities/Games and Photo Ops 

5:15 – 6:15:  Peaches vs Belles Rematch

7:00:  Bombers vs Hoppers

The gates will open early in order to enjoy festivities in the stadium prior to our Peaches vs Belles game.

The Photo Ops will be with Movie Cast Members highlighted above.  Please understand that we will be under a very tight time schedule.  We will get as many through as possible, but we will have to cut off to begin the Peaches vs. Belles game.

You read it right…it’s a rematch (of sorts) of the championship game in the movie!  We aren’t taking this too serious…it’s all about fun.

We’ve heard that Jimmy Dugan may make an appearance.  It’s worth asking for his autograph.

Much  is planned throughout the evening and during the Bombers game. Don’t miss it!

This game will be very well attended.  PLEASE CARPOOL.