Peaches & Casey


Joyce.  Madie.  Haley.  Shania.  Emily.  Lauren.  Lindsey.  Cami.

Liz.  Emma.  Miranda.  Taylor.  Kaitlyn.  Sabrina.  Louisa.

15 Peaches will be in League Stadium during our Bomber games this season. While our coaches & players keep things rolling out on the field, our Peaches keep things running in the stadium. They take care of everything from the ticket booth as you enter the stadium to the goodbyes as you leave, and everything in between. They’re busy girls, but happy to stop for a photo or two.

Casey the Clown Prince


Casey is the Bombers’ nod to the likes of Max Patkin as the Clown Prince of Baseball. Casey clowns with the umpires, the players & the fans. No baseball cap goes unturned when Casey is in the stadium, and willing kids will likely head home from the game with a big smile & a good dose of eyeblack. It’s all in good vintage fun.